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    Welcome to Sherwood Youth Football

    End-of-Season Coaching Evaluations

    End-of-Season Coaching Evaluations

    We have reached the end  of our season and would like to have some feedback on how you feel your child's Sherwood Youth Football experience was. It only takes a few minutes and your input is used to help us improve.  Please follow the link and provide your feedback.

    Board Positions Available

    The 2022 Football Season is almost over but we are already thinking about the 2023 season. We have board positions available and are looking for volunteers to help. If you are interested, please send a note to We are looking to interview applicants in early December.

    Registrar - preside over the entire registration process, including but opening and closing of registration for all potential players and coaches, emailing with the community, preparing registration forms, managing background checks, and maintaining the wait list as necessary. He/she will also be responsible for the building and preparation of every team verification book in accordance with the TVYFL standards.

    Equipment Manager - responsible for the acquisition, maintenance, distribution and use of SYFA equipment, including player, field and first aid equipment.

    Team Parent Coordinator - the liaison between the board and all team parents. He/she will be responsible for informing the parents of all volunteer opportunities and the expectations of each position. The Team Parent Coordinator will also be responsible for taking the necessary head- shot picture required for the verification books. He/she will be responsible for setting up the association for any parade or end of season celebrations.

    Flag Coordinator - responsible for all aspects of the SYFA Flag Football program. He/she will be responsible for the registration process, selecting of coaches, building of teams, and the overall maintenance of the program. The goal of the Flag Coordinator is to begin cultivating a love for the game of football as they move up to the tackle program.

    Vice Commissioner - In the absence of the commissioner, perform all duties of the commissioner. He/She will oversee field coordination, all officials, and assign field greeting responsibilities.

    This Year's Title Sponsor

    Beyond Wealth Management

    A huge thank you and shout out to the 2022 SYFA Title Sponsor, Beyond Wealth Management. As many know, SYFA is a no-pay-to-play organization and we cannot do this without our sponsors.


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